Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I'm K and welcome to my blog Dragonfly Mumma :)

I have been working on setting up my blog for a little while, just getting my head around all the background stuff, mainly all the HTML codes, wow!, but in saying that I really enjoyed setting it all up.  So now I think I am finally ready to launch my blog to the world of the interwebs!

What I'm all about: Well, I'm a Fiancee to my Fiance lol and a stay at home Mum to our 2 year old son Pickle and soon to be a second time Mum to our little girl Jellybean (due on 27th August!).  We all live in Tasmania in a little cottage house together with our psychotic furball cat, with beautiful mountains surrounding us.

I was studying to become an Early Childhood Educator at uni but got distracted with my own babies, so that's all on hold for now :)  I also have a Diploma in Visual Art majoring in ceramics, which I love and hope to get back into again one day.

The reason why I started this blog is mainly because well ... I discovered blogs!  As a Mum at home with a small baby I had questions about different parenting issues and from this I found the amazing, interesting, inspiring and informative world of blogs and bloggers from all over the globe.  After reading a few blogs I was inspired to write my own.  I thought why not! So that's why I am here typing away :)

This blog is all about life as Dragonfly Mumma, it's about parenting, Motherhood, life, family, crafts, baking, cooking, ideas, inspiration and just about anything else I find interesting and worthwhile sharing.  All the ups and downs of being a parent, Mother, SAHM and human.

So welcome to my blog and I hope that you can tune in and enjoy this journey with me :)  You can also subscribe to my bloggy to keep up to date with all my goings on and you can find out more about me on my 'About' page and if you want to contact me you can leave a comment or find all of my details on my 'Contact' page.  I look forward to hearing from you :)