Friday, August 31, 2012

A Burst Pipe! Equals Bathroom Reno!

It's not really a bathroom renovation, but we needed to to get an aspect of the bathroom fixed.  A pipe had burst in the wall separating the bathroom from the toilet and because our toilet was tacked on years after the house was built the inside wall of the toilet is weather board so all the water was running down the weather board onto the floor and underneath the lino and it was mouldy, stinky and disgusting, all in the middle of winter.
Luckily we have insurance that covers burst pipes, so we waited for all the paper work etc. etc. and finally the builder came and fixed all the wall and the pipe.  I also got to pick a nice new paint colour and new lino yay!  I absolutely hated the previous lino, it was dark and old and made the bathroom and toilet feel cold and dirty.  So all that is done and we are half way to finishing our bathroom reno.

After the leak and the removal of the wall and door, note the dark lino.

After all the work had finished, new wall, door and floor :)

Our fishy under the sea mural.

New toilet wall and paint colour.

As you can see we also have a lovely fishy under the sea theme mural behind the toilet.  It was there before we moved in, I thought it was funny at first but it's grown on me and it's kind of quirky, and people don't know it's there until they use the toilet, so that makes it odd I think!  We've decided to keep it!

If it wasn't for the burst pipe, we'd still have a horrible floor and walls, but now it's lovely and I love it and it's all because of a burst pipe!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crocheted Baby Hats

While I'm waiting for Jellybean to arrive I thought I might as well do something useful.  So I found some spare yarn and searched the net to find some easy beginner crochet patterns.  I found two they are both pretty simple if you have a basic knowledge of crochet.  I have included the links to the patterns here and also abbreviations and diagrams to show you what to do if you are a beginner like me.  I'm quite surprised that I managed to make them and they didn't take long at all.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Book Adventure: Project 2

Project 2 of The Little Book Adventure is to spread the love of books, this project is awesome I think.  It encourages children to spread their love of books to others and connects them to other children as well.  For this project we have been asked to hire some books from the library and pick one that you enjoyed the most, then using the template provided or your own stationary write or draw a message to the next child who will read the book, put the letter inside the book and return it to the library.

20 Days to Organise and Clean your Home

I am always trying to organise and clean my home, I find that being organised makes me feel positive and on top of things.  The only thing is... I have trouble staying on top of everything and I don't want to be wasting valuable time cleaning and organising.  So that's why I have joined up to The Organised Housewife's 20 Days to Organise and Clean your Home Challenge.

The Organised Housewife

This challenge doesn't actually start until Monday the 3rd of September, but there are pre-challenge tasks to complete beforehand.

There is also no pressure to complete the tasks within the time frame, as I probably won't but I will still being giving it a go at my own pace.  That's what I find really attractive about this challenge, it's flexible for you to alter as you need to. 

If you would like to join then check out The Organised Housewife blog to sign up and get updated on all the info.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


After my midwife's appointment on Saturday we went for a stroll down to the Salamanca markets to grab something to eat and have a nosey at the stalls.  After we got our lunch we headed for the lawns outside parliament house and there was a huge crowd gathered so we headed over and there was a stage with some of the Olympians on it.

I must say even though I'm not really into sports or the Olympics it was really great to see them up there getting supported by the Australian public.  I think this is especially significant after all the pressure that was put on these 'sporting heroes' to win gold for Australia throughout the games.  I think it's a pretty awesome achievement to even be able to make it to the Olympics.  So well done to all the Olympians and good luck to all the Paralympians!

P.S: Still no sign of baby :(

Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 40!

Here it is my official due date! and still no baby in my arms :( but it is only the due date.  We went for my midwife appointment on Saturday and we discussed some natural options that can help me go into labour.  She recommended that I try taking evening primrose oil daily, also homeopathic drops called caulophyllum and pressure point massage.

Other things that can help are nipple stimulation which I have been doing as I have been expressing small amounts of colostrum so that I can take it into hospital with me just in case I have trouble feeding, she can have my milk either way.  There is also eating peaches, pineapple juice, sex of course (even though that's the last thing I feel like at his stage! but it's an option).

So I will be keeping my fingers crossed that she comes into the world be the end of the week!  In the meantime here is my 40 week progress pic.

What things have been recommended to you or have you heard of to get labour started?

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Great Cloth Nappy Hunt 2012

The time is nearly here for us Aussies to participate in 'The Great Cloth Nappy Hunt 2012', this is a free incentive to encourage parents to try cloth nappies, and use the services of local online businesses too.  There is not only cloth nappies but a whole bunch of other helpful products for parents of small children.  I participated last year and I found it lots of fun! I will be participating again this year too.  The hunt begins on the 1st of September and runs for the whole month. 

There are prizes to be won as well :)

Here is a link to the website: 'The Great Cloth Nappy Hunt' where you can find out all about it, register to hunt, follow on Facebook or Twitter, or join the newsletter.  I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Simple Living!

Recently as I have been preparing and getting everything ready for baby I have been reconsidering the way we live.  I have always had an interest in being able to make things for myself using skills that I have learnt, whether it be through art like painting and ceramics or through crafting.  Another way I can add to my skills repetoire is by making household things for myself.

I have been interested in living a more simple life for a little while, and I guess we sort of have been.  We brought our own home that we know we can afford to pay off, it's old and a bit small, and needs things doing to it, but we love it and we've done a lot to it to make it a comfortable home for us to live in.  The furniture in our house is mostly second hand, that we've sourced from local tip shops or has been given to us from family (except my kitchen table, that my Grandfather made, which I treasure, as he has now passed on).  We have even set up our own veggie garden and we are pretty proud of it and have already enjoyed home grown delights.  We are also looking into getting some chickens, as both our parents have always kept chickens and we love eggs and their funny chicken faces lol!

Another thing that got me thinking was when I was cleaning out our laundry cupboard and all the cleaning paraphernalia that I had collected since being here and there is soooo much waste and plastic and chemicals it made me really think, do we really need all of this?  So now our aim is to try and live as simply as we can.

The first step I consciously made towards this was making our own laundry liquid.  I'm very happy with it and it works great and it makes our clothes feel and smell good too.  I got this recipe from a really great simple living blog called 'Down to Earth' by Rhonda Hetzel, it's a great place to start if you are thinking about doing things a bit more simply.

Here is the link to the laundry liquid recipe that I used: Green Cleaning Recipes

Are you interested in living a more simple life or have any tips on simple living?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weeks 38 and 39 Update!

Well I have made it to week 39, even though I knew I would, I don't think this baby will be early as the actual due date is in five days time.  I have been pretty frantic the past week and a half getting everything organised, I haven't even finished yet!
Sleep has been quite uncomfortable, even though at the end of the day I'm tired and ready for sleep, when I actually lie down in the bed it is soooooo uncomfortable, my pelvic floor area is so sore when I lie down :(
So yet again here are some more preggy pics and I'm sure there will be at least one more to come!

And as you can see from the photo's, there's not much choice left in my wardrobe now!  Hope you are all having a great week!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Little Book Adventure : Project 1

I have had this all set up for a couple of weeks but only just managed to take a photo of it.  So here is Pickles little reading nook in the corner of our lounge room.  This is project 1 of the challenge, get creative with your book storage.

The first thing I did was made a little book box to display the books for easy access.  I made it out of a empty nappy box by cutting a section out then covering it with fancy contact.

The next step was setting up the area so it's nice and comfy for Pickle to sit and read and also accessible for us adults to read to him.  I had an existing coffee table there and a lamp, I added a little blanket throw on the floor then his little fold out couch, a couple of spare pillows, his big Elmo toy and other stuffed toys, a lovely vintage alphabet poster, then finally I added his two new book boxes and an extra storage box for excess books.

 And there you have it a cosy little reading nook for my little man!

I'm linking this up to My Little Bookcase for The Little Book Adventure 2012.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Weeks 33,34,35,37 Update!

Once again I have a bunch of photo's ready to be put on the blog.  I managed to take photo's every week except for week 36 oh well! (I sneaked in two 35 week photo's). That week was kind of a bit busy and I just didn't get around to it.
I have some more good news, this morning my midwife rang me and told me that my strep b swab test came back negative so I'm very happy with that.  Even though I have had one child I have never had to do that test before, so it was a bit new and worrying to me, but all is good and there's nothing to worry about.  Has anyone else had this test as routine?

So there you have it a whole pile of preggy pics, I love seeing the expansion :D...

Today I'm linking up to IBOT with Diary of a SAHM

Monday, August 06, 2012

Scan Update and Spinning Babies!

Well I'm officially 37 weeks today so that means only three weeks until my due date :) that doesn't garantee that I will have my baby girl in my arms by then though (if she's anything like her big brother, she'll be late...). 

At the start of this week I feel really positive about the up and coming birth of our baby girl, there is a huge sense of relief after haivng the 36 week scan last Monday, it turns out that the placenta is in a normal area and that there is nothing to worry about.  I'm so happy about the outcome!
I had my midwife come and visit me in my home on Friday, for my 36 week checkup, she showed me the ultrasound results on paper and explained everything.  Apparently she thinks that the first ultrasound was not entirely accurate, so there was probably nothing to worry about in the first place.  Basically on my 20 week scan it come up that the placenta was at 19mm and then on my 36 week scan it shows that the placenta is at 96mm so that's a huge difference, such a relief...phew!

At the visit we also talked about the upcoming birth and the kind of birthing experience that I wanted.  That was a really positive experience for me knowing that the rough plan I want is clear and she will make sure that as long as all goes well my plans will go ahead.

When I first met my midwife I told her about my previous experience with birth when I had Pickle and she recommended a fantastic site called 'Spinning Babies' where they have strategies that help women prepare for birth, well as much as they can because you never know what exactly is going to happen, as I know too well.  This site has great exercises and tips on how to get the baby into position so that the baby is positioned in the most optimum position.  The exercises and tips they recommend also help with all the late pregnancy aches and pains too which is a bonus. There are also techniques to use during labour as well and some of them involve your birth support person too.
I totally recommend this site to anyone having a baby it has made me feel more confident about the upcoming birth and also given me a better understanding of how the body works  in labour.

So if you or anyone you know is having a baby I can recommend this site: Spinning Babies 

(I'm not being paid to review the site or anything, I just think it's a worthwhile tool to share to Mums to be)

P.S: More preggy pics tomorrow :)