Friday, August 31, 2012

A Burst Pipe! Equals Bathroom Reno!

It's not really a bathroom renovation, but we needed to to get an aspect of the bathroom fixed.  A pipe had burst in the wall separating the bathroom from the toilet and because our toilet was tacked on years after the house was built the inside wall of the toilet is weather board so all the water was running down the weather board onto the floor and underneath the lino and it was mouldy, stinky and disgusting, all in the middle of winter.
Luckily we have insurance that covers burst pipes, so we waited for all the paper work etc. etc. and finally the builder came and fixed all the wall and the pipe.  I also got to pick a nice new paint colour and new lino yay!  I absolutely hated the previous lino, it was dark and old and made the bathroom and toilet feel cold and dirty.  So all that is done and we are half way to finishing our bathroom reno.

After the leak and the removal of the wall and door, note the dark lino.

After all the work had finished, new wall, door and floor :)

Our fishy under the sea mural.

New toilet wall and paint colour.

As you can see we also have a lovely fishy under the sea theme mural behind the toilet.  It was there before we moved in, I thought it was funny at first but it's grown on me and it's kind of quirky, and people don't know it's there until they use the toilet, so that makes it odd I think!  We've decided to keep it!

If it wasn't for the burst pipe, we'd still have a horrible floor and walls, but now it's lovely and I love it and it's all because of a burst pipe!