Thursday, August 23, 2012

Simple Living!

Recently as I have been preparing and getting everything ready for baby I have been reconsidering the way we live.  I have always had an interest in being able to make things for myself using skills that I have learnt, whether it be through art like painting and ceramics or through crafting.  Another way I can add to my skills repetoire is by making household things for myself.

I have been interested in living a more simple life for a little while, and I guess we sort of have been.  We brought our own home that we know we can afford to pay off, it's old and a bit small, and needs things doing to it, but we love it and we've done a lot to it to make it a comfortable home for us to live in.  The furniture in our house is mostly second hand, that we've sourced from local tip shops or has been given to us from family (except my kitchen table, that my Grandfather made, which I treasure, as he has now passed on).  We have even set up our own veggie garden and we are pretty proud of it and have already enjoyed home grown delights.  We are also looking into getting some chickens, as both our parents have always kept chickens and we love eggs and their funny chicken faces lol!

Another thing that got me thinking was when I was cleaning out our laundry cupboard and all the cleaning paraphernalia that I had collected since being here and there is soooo much waste and plastic and chemicals it made me really think, do we really need all of this?  So now our aim is to try and live as simply as we can.

The first step I consciously made towards this was making our own laundry liquid.  I'm very happy with it and it works great and it makes our clothes feel and smell good too.  I got this recipe from a really great simple living blog called 'Down to Earth' by Rhonda Hetzel, it's a great place to start if you are thinking about doing things a bit more simply.

Here is the link to the laundry liquid recipe that I used: Green Cleaning Recipes

Are you interested in living a more simple life or have any tips on simple living?