Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 40!

Here it is my official due date! and still no baby in my arms :( but it is only the due date.  We went for my midwife appointment on Saturday and we discussed some natural options that can help me go into labour.  She recommended that I try taking evening primrose oil daily, also homeopathic drops called caulophyllum and pressure point massage.

Other things that can help are nipple stimulation which I have been doing as I have been expressing small amounts of colostrum so that I can take it into hospital with me just in case I have trouble feeding, she can have my milk either way.  There is also eating peaches, pineapple juice, sex of course (even though that's the last thing I feel like at his stage! but it's an option).

So I will be keeping my fingers crossed that she comes into the world be the end of the week!  In the meantime here is my 40 week progress pic.

What things have been recommended to you or have you heard of to get labour started?


  1. You look great! I found that relaxation and trying to get a good night's sleep helped my body go into labour. I especially believe this, because I know how fast I went out of labour with Evelyn as soon as I got stressed/sick/exhausted.

    So, advice is to pile the pillows into your bed until you're comfy and rest/relax as much as possible.

    Yeah. I can hear you laughing from here.

    1. Thanks so much :) Actually sounds like the best advice I've gotten so far now just to be left alone lol

  2. Hi K,

    I've only just discovered your blog!

    I'm currently 38weeks + 1 day pregnant, so you never know, we might end up with little ones born on the same day.

    No tips I'm afraid. I went into labour 3 weeks before my due date with my first, so with her I never got to the stage of needing to encourage her out...

    Good luck.


    1. Hi Danya, thanks for leaving a comment! Yay our bubs will be around the same age, they just could well be born on the same day or either you'll have yours and I'll still be waiting for mine lol :p
      Good luck and all the best xx