Monday, February 18, 2013

The Great Cloth Nappy Hunt March 2013!

Well it's that time again :) Time for the March 2013 Great Cloth Nappy Hunt from Diaper Decisions.  I'm very excited about it and just had to share it again!  It officially starts on Wednesday the 20th of Feb and the actual hunt starts on the 1st of March, you can register for it here.  The Great Cloth Nappy Hunt is only open to Australian and New Zealand residents.  If you don't live in Australia or New Zealand then you can check out the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt which has a hunt coming up in May. 

Happy Hunting!

Meal Plan Monday

The Organised Housewife
We have been so busy lately, everything has all been happening at once around here!  This is my meal plan from last week :)  I'm also linking up with The Organised Housewife, if you have a meal plan that you would like to share then head on over and join in.

Monday: Sushi

Tuesday: Honey Mustard Chicken & Couscous

Wednesday: Take Out

Thursday: Toasted Sandwiches, we were pretty full from our beautiful Valentine's/Anniversary lunch (we also had twice cooked pork and salad for entree, but we'd eaten it before I remembered to take a photo).

Main - Beer Battered Fish & Chips with a Deconstructed Tartar Sauce

Dessert - Churros Chocolate Sauce and Ice Cream...Sooo yummy
Friday: Steak and Salad

Saturday: Dim Sims and Fried Rice

Sunday: Salad

Baking: Chocolate Brownies

I've also put together a free pretty printable for you to enjoy. I laminated mine and stuck it on the fridge next to my meal plan, and then I use a whiteboard marker to write things I need to purchase on it when I think of it.  You can get it here.