Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Laundry Inspiration

Our laundry doubles as our back entry way and it's not exactly the most inviting place (to go into the house or to do the laundry).  I've been thinking of giving it a little bit of a revamp.  Obviously there are a few bigger projects that need doing, for example ahem! the hot water cylinder in the corner...

So this is my current laundry room/back entry way into our house!

This is what I'd like our laundry side/area to look like and I'd also like to include a nice place to put shoes etc. as this is where most people who come to our home enter!
Source:The Ardent Sparrow
Source: Just Be Splendid
Source: Plumbs

Source: House to Home

 Well hopefully my new laundry and entry make over isn't too far away!!!!  I have pinned more inspiring pics of laundries over on Pinterest, if you wanna have a look :) you can get there from here.


  1. My laundry is very plain and boring and white, and tiny, but at least it's neat (most of the time anyways!). I'm off to check out your Pins to see if I can get any ideas!

    I'm really enjoying having a laundry IN the house (l/s brick) this time around. Our last house was an old Queenslander and I had to go down to the dank dark and gloomy under the house - I used to call it the dungeon - to do the washing - along with the snakes, the rats and the spiders ... can you tell I was NOT fond of it?!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT xxx

  2. Yes we're originally from Queensland and although we didn't have a Queenslander, we had a house with the laundry under the house and I don't miss traipsing up and down the stairs with baskets full washing to a laundry full of hunsmans lol

  3. I'm just jealous you have an internal laundry!!! Mine is outside and is nothing more than a washing machine and a tub

  4. oh- I;d love a laundry room!! My washer is in the kitchen, and the dryer in the conservatory! One day.....