Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Harvesting the Rocket

We love rocket in this house and we love growing it because it's easy and it doesn't take long to get the yummy peppery leaves, to pick off when you need them and put them in a salad or have them on a sandwich/wrap.  Our rocket had been in the ground for a while and it was starting to go to seed and get long and leggy so it was time to pull it out and pick all of the good leaves off.

After I had made my pick of what I thought were the best leaves left, I put them into a large container with some cold water.  After I had pulled them out and took the time to pick of the leaves they were getting a bit wilted.  Putting them in the cold water revived them and they were nice and crisp again.

Then I had some help from Master E and we used the salad spinner to spin off all the excess water.

After we had spun off all the excess water we put the rocket on paper towel to drain just a little bit extra.
We then put the rocket into freezer bags and put them in the fridge.  I think you can freeze rocket but I'm not sure what it's like defrosted!  It was the end of the crop anyway and we prefer it fresh so we just kept one bag in the fridge and gave the rest away.  We ended up with four bags in total.