Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little Snippets

I have been fairly busy lately just getting into a new routine and getting used to daylight savings again.  It has been challenging this year.
Yesterday I managed to get all my morning chores done and did some work outside in the lovely sunshine, that has been absent in Tasmania for a while.
I just thought I'd pop in today to share some of the things we've been up to lately.

On one of the first beautiful sunny days here, we went and spent the day at the beach, it was so nice to just sit in the sun, even if the water was freezing!
I brought a whole big bunch of celery and chopped the end off and stuck it in a bowl of water and after a day or two it has started to sprout.

 And last night I finished off this cute little capped sleeve vest for Miss M.  You can get the pattern for it through Ravelry.

So what have you been up to lately in this change of seasons?